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Affordable Replacement for Slate or Shakes. 

Beautiful, lightweight and guaranteed to last. Ironstone adds warmth, character and charm to any architectural style.


Our proprietary process duplicates the beauty and elegance of genuine slate and wood in exacting detail. It's hard to tell the difference, until you see the price.  



The Ironstone System

Ironstone combines the superior quality of Certified Porcelain Tile with a patented stainless steel hanger system. We've eliminated the overlapped portion of the tile (the part you never see) and replaced it with a durable exterior grade polymer. This results in a less expensive, lighter-weight roof that can be installed on almost any home. 


Our craftsmen use ancient methods and all-natural materials to create each tile. Our Italian designers reproduce nature's textures, patterns and colors in exacting detail. These works of art are then fired at 2600° F making Ironstone fade-proof for life. 

Unlike cedar, concrete or traditional ceramic, Ironstone is virtually impervious to water making it resistant to moss, mold, mildew and freeze-thaw damage. 

Simple and Secure

Ironstone is designed for easy installation. Our hanger system can accommodate a straight-edge or staggered-edge pattern. Required repairs can be made by anyone because no tools are needed to slide a new tile into place. 

Superior to ceramic, Ironstone is Certified Porcelain Tile.   It’s lightweight, yet harder than steel. 

Ironstone is proud to announce a collaboration with award-winning home designer and New Urbanist Lew Oliver to create a custom design series.

Lew Oliver is an Atlanta-based urbanist, master planner, and designer with more than a decade of experience in advancing New Urbanism and residential design. Read More

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