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Did you know...

...Ironstone tile will NEVER fade.

Baked at temperatures exceeding 2,300 degrees Fahrenheit, Ironstone tile colors will never fade. You can't even scratch it off with a steel file. 


...Ironstone tile is virtually impervious to water.  

Ironstone is mold, mildew and freeze-thaw resistant. 

...Ironstone tile is lightweight.

Weighing less than 430lbs per 100 SF, Ironstone can be installed on almost any roof. 

...Ironstone tile can be easily replaced. 

Tiles are not nailed so repairs take seconds and often require no tools. 

...Ironstone tile has a 75 Year Limited Warranty. 

You read that right, 75 Year Limited, transferrable warranty. Add value to your home.

...Ironstone tile is high wind resistant. 

See our technical data for more information. 

...Ironstone tile costs less. 

In most markets, Ironstone is priced lower than plastic, synthetic slates or wood shakes.

...Ironstone tile is eco friendly. 

11,000,000 Tons of asphalt shingles are landfilled each year. Ironstone lasts for decades and is made of 40% recycled materials. 100% of our components are either made of recycled materials or are recyclable. 

Superior to ceramic, Ironstone is Certified Porcelain Tile.   

It’s lightweight, yet harder than steel. 

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