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From our customers...


Owner - DVC Roofing

Dave Marchese

Installing the product on my own home and... for the parents of my God daughters home was the best decision we could make in roofing. IRONSTONE is literally protecting the most important people in my life. My Son, my Daughter, my Wife and my GodDaughters family. 


David Marchese


Owner - Roofscapes Exteriors

Clint Vaughn

The Ironstone porcelain tile roof system is one of the most beautiful roofing systems on the market. Its aesthetics appeals to homeowners and building owners, but many other functions of this roofing system appeal to architects, structural engineers, insurance agents and roofing contractors. The lightweight design allows the roofing system to be installed on almost any structure without needing any framing reinforcement. The class IV hail resistant option often qualifies insurance premium discounts. The batten and hanger system is friendly with the install crews and helpful for any potential repairs down the road. 


The ironstone product fits in a niche that is often vacant in the roofing industry. A roof of this beauty and quality normally fetches $1,200 to $1,500 per square. The ironstone product fits into a pricing point much lower than that. This keeps us coming back for more each time we have a customer remotely interested in wood shakes, clay tile, concrete tile, or slate. 


Home Owner

Brandon J

Moss and algae had destroyed the asphalt shingles on our 146 year-old Victorian mansard. Our roofer showed us samples of Ironstone porcelain tiles and we were sold. We chose English Grey slate and it changed to entire feel of the home. Our neighbors comment that it is now the jewel of the neighborhood. 

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