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Frequently Answered Questions

We take pride in our exceptional customer service, and a major part of that is making sure customers promptly get the answers they’re looking for. We’ve organized the most frequently asked questions below to help with exactly that.

If you can’t find the answers you’re looking for, please get in touch and we’ll be ready to assist you.


What is Ironstone?

Ironstone is Certified Porcelain tile, the highest quality ceramic tile. Virtually impervious to water and harder than steel, Ironstone is guaranteed to last. 

How does Ironstone compare to other roofing products PRICE-WISE? 

The initial cost of Ironstone is comparable to wood shakes, metal roofing or plastic, synthetic products. However, when considering the long-term cost, Ironstone is less expensive because it last longer and is easier to maintain.  


How can an Ironstone roof add value to my home?  

Realtors agree most homes “sell from the street”. Over half of your home’s appearance is the roof. The charm and elegance of an Ironstone slate or shake roof reflect the quality of the rest of your home.
The transferrable 75 Year Limited Warranty is an added bonus. 

Plastic or synthetic products fade (many times un-evenly) over time. Does Ironstone fade?

No. Ironstone never fades. Color fade is covered in our 75 year limited warranty. Your roof will look the same decades from now, GUARANTEED.

I live in an area where moss and mold discolor roofs. Does Ironstone discolor?

No. Ironstone is virtually impervious to water, so it resists mold, mildew and algae.

I’ve been told my roof cannot support a slate or tile roof. Can I use Ironstone?

Probably. Ironstone weighs about 430lbs. per square (4.30 lbs. /SF). That falls within the “normal” range for most roofs. It’s always best to check with an experienced roofer or an engineer if weight is a concern

Can any roofer install Ironstone?

Yes. We recommend homeowners use local, established roofers. We offer assistance if they have questions.

What about wind?

Ironstone is Miami-Dade approved (see Specifications for details).

Where can I buy Ironstone?

Give us a call at 210-878-0080. We’ll be glad to recommend a dealer in your area.

Didn't see the answer you were looking for? Ask an Ironstone expert. 210-878-0080

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